Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm 36exp Pack of 3

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Kodak Ultramax 400 35mm 36exp Pack of 3

Expiry Date 03/2026

KODAK ULTRA MAX 400 ISO Film is a worry-free, easy-to-use high speed film designed for snapshooters. ULTRA MAX 400 Film gives you the flexibility you need to take consistently better pictures in more picture taking situations—better low-light picture quality with fewer underexposures, better results with zoom lenses, greater flash range, better "stop-action" photos, and reduced impact of camera shake.

  • Advanced T-GRAIN Emulsion technology  
  • Optimized color precision technology
  • True 400 speed
  • Outstanding underexposure latitude
  • Long flash range
  • Fine grain and high sharpness 
  • Pack includes 3 films

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