Paterson Film Processing Kit



This is a kit to allow you to process your own black & white films. This is a kit that we have put together ourselves with the essential equipment that you need. There are other pre-packed kits on the market but these are missing certain items such as the light tight changing bag to allow you to transfer the film to the tank in total darkness and they have several unnecessary items such as the more expensive grad cylinders. In this kit you get:

  • Paterson Super System 4 Tank (inc 2 adjustable reels for 35, 127 & 120)
  • Paterson Large Changing Bag
  • Paterson Thermometer
  • 3x Std 1L Plastic Jugs (for each of the made solutions)
  • Paterson 150ml Grad (for measuring the chemicals)
  • Paterson Film Clip Set

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