Rollei 100 135mm 36 exp Paul Reinhold

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In 1920 PAUL FRANKE and REINHOLD HEIDECKE founded ROLEI which produced cameras and film emulsions for those cameras. Now to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ROLLEI's founding the current owners of ROLEI photo products have produced a special commemorative double pack of 2 x black & white ROLLEI negative films with a speed of 640 ISO (both rolls). The films are exactly the same specifications except that one roll of film is titled "Paul" and the other roll of fil is titled "Reinhold". As these are special edition films to celebrate the 100th anniversay of the founding of ROLLEI they are in limited numbers. So hurry to secure some of these special films for yourself before they disappear..  


This  is  1  (ONE)  DOUBLE PACK  containing  2  ROLLS  ONLY of  ROLLEI  GERMANY's specialized black & white negative film--ROLLEI  PAUL & REINHOLD  640 ISO-- in the 35 millimetres/ 36 exposures size.  Each film roll is packaged in a sturdy plastic double factory-sealed, unopened box with the EXACT  EXPIRY  DATE of:  06/2025  printed on it so you can be  SURE  of the FRESHNESS  & QUALITY  of each roll of film. All  of  these films have been properly refrigerated since purchase.

This is one of ROLLEI  GERMANY's best black & white negative films with a speed of  640 ISO but having very fine grain and high resolving power with high acutance and good tone reproduction. The plastic base of the film is crystal clear and coated with a thin, silver rich emulsion yielding a highly transparent black & white image ideal for scanning but also suitable for black & white slides (or reversal images). It's also ideal for push or pull processing in the range of 160 ISO to 1280 ISO but yielding those super sharp, very fine grain black & white images. It also features a wide exposure latitude in the range of  160 ISO to 1280 ISO (if you miscalculate the correct exposure by 1 to 2 x f stops  OVER or  UNDER correct exposure the film will save you with excellent prints to be obtained from the resulting negatives). Because the film base is so stable  the negatives will last intact indefinitely with near archival keeping quality.  IT  HAS  ALSO  BEEN   DESIGNED ESPECIALLY  FOR  OPTIMUM  SCANNING  QUALITY"  (which speaks for itself when using digital scanners).

So what does all this mean for the advanced amateur  &  non-professional user (as professionals should know all this stuff already)?  Well, it's one of the finest grain films around (perfect for REALLY BIG enlargements),  has a good wide-exposure latitude & excellent sharpness with high acutance. It also has superb archivability if stored properly and it's negatives will yield  superb prints  for at least 80 YEARS so image retrieval is not a problem (unlike digital).